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  • Upclose photo of the chicken feed. Seven chicks gathered and standing on hay. A photo of a black-colored pail full of chicken feed  with a scoop in the bucket to the left of a 50-lb bag of Kaniksu chicken feed.

    Kaniksu Chick Starter - 50 lbs

    OVERVIEW Feed for starter chicks as nature intended. No glyphosate. Non-GMO. Contains boosted protein for chicks and ducklings, ground fine for easy digestion. Roller milled from whole...

  • Upclose photo of the chicken feed. 50-lb bag of Kaniksu chicken feed with a gardening hand fork standing next to the bag and a black-colored pail of chicken feed to the right of that. Two chickens in a yard of green grass; one of the chickens has its beak to the ground eating something.

    Kaniksu Mega Layer - 50 lbs

    OVERVIEW Animal feed for laying hens boosted for a higher Omega 3 value. No glyphosate. Non-GMO. Roller milled from whole grains  Minimal processing  Can be fed soaked or...