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Earth Animal Daily Herbal Drops

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All natural and non-toxic protection from fleas and ticks from the inside out.

Mother Nature doesn't use synthetic chemicals.

Earth Animal believes that dogs and cats should never be the carriers of synthetic chemical insecticides or pesticides. Ever.

As seasons change, so does the need for flea & tick protection. Using Nature's Protection™ products together helps create the ultimate defense for your dogs and cats with two easy steps to build immunity and combat fleas and ticks, naturally.

Step 1: year-round essential protection from the inside out. 

Step 2: additional topical protection from the top to bottom. 


Step 1: From the inside out.

Formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein, the Nature’s Protection™ Flea & Tick Daily Herbal Internal Powder (yeast free) contains wild crafted herbs to help support a healthy immune system. The combination of these carefully selected herbs helps to change your dog and cat’s odor so that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects dislike the scent and taste of the blood. It’s undetectable by humans but loathed by insects.

A healthy body is one of the best barriers to insect bites and infestations. That's why Nature's Protection™ Flea & Tick Daily Herbal Internal Powder should be given year-round and you should double the dose during your region's peak season. The longer your dog and cat ingests this product the better it will work! 


Active Ingredients:
A Proprietary Blend of Organic & Wildcrafted Extracts of Garlic, Goldenrod, Yerba Saanta, Tobacco, Wormwood, Yellow dock, Neem, Rue and Nettles. Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol, Flower Essence Blend of (Cherry Plum, Elder, Hornbeam, Vervain), Glycerin and Water.

Bottle Size: 2-oz.


Administer by weight

TO BE TAKEN ORALLY, twice daily. Can be given with food, water or directly in the mouth.

  • 3-7 lbs: 3 - 4 drops
  • 8-15 lbs: 5 - 8 drops
  • 16-35 lbs: 10 - 12 drops
  • 36-85 lbs: 15 - 18 drops
  • 86 lbs+: 20 - 25 drops

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