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New Fruitables BIGGIES are here!

New Fruitables BIGGIES are here!

Sep 14th 2021

Hi I'm Jenna, you probably know me as one of the kibble specialists here at Nature's Select. I'm also the proud mama bear to two darling furbabies, Ellie & Bubbles. They tend to be on the picky side when it comes to their treats, so finding the perfect treat that they will both love isn't always easy. Luckily, I recently brought home a bag of the new Fruitables Biggies and to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the result is an understatement. What are Fruitables Biggies? The name says it all folks! The same delicious, crunchy Fruitables cookies that you know and love, just in a BIGGER sized cookie with a much BOLDER taste. In other words, bigger IS better, just ask my dogs and they'll tell you. They both not only devoured the treat within seconds but once I put the bag away they sat by the pantry where I keep them stored waiting for me to give them more. I’d say that means “two paws up” for the Fruitables Biggies. 

I absolutely love that both of my dogs can enjoy these healthy treats and even though these treats are BIGGER in size, they are thin and airy enough that they can easily be broken into smaller pieces. These treats are not only delicious, but healthy and “guilt-free” as well! They are free of wheat, soy protein, corn and artificial flavors or colors and are made with real fruit and vegetables. These 16- oz bags of crunchy goodness come in four bold flavors: Crispy Bacon & Apple, Pumpkin & Banana, Pumpkin & Blueberry, and Almond Butter  & Coconut.